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Our sport is growing and is growing fast one facet of our sport that is not growing on the same growth curve is Women players. We have addressed some of the those issues in our earlier article. Below Brianna give us all some great resources to learn more about Disc golf from other women, and not just other women but some of the best women’s promoters, players, and disc golf entrepreneurs.

Women’s disc golf. You have heard about it, you like it, and now you want to get involved in some way. There are many ways for both men and women to get involved in women’s disc golf. The internet is an essential tool in finding ways to get involved in women’s disc golf.

The first resource is Ladies First Disc Golf. This website offers a fantastic consolidated list of beginner friendly and lightweight discs. This is essential when trying to get involved in women’s disc golf. For some women heavier discs are difficult to get distance on. These lightweight discs allow for easier snap and therefore more distance. Introducing someone to the world of lightweight discs might just get them wanting to try out more within the sport.

The next resource is Disc Golf 4 Women. This is another site that offers many resources for women’s disc golf. Where Ladies First offered information about discs and discs to buy, Disc Golf 4 Women offers articles about learning how to play the sport. There are articles about learning how to increase your distance, the x step, how far you should expect to throw, and more. Trying to teach a woman or even beginner how to play disc golf? This website is a great resource for you. Trying to learn more about playing disc golf? This is a great site for you as well.

Are you trying to find a local women’s disc golf league? Disc Golf 4 Women has a list of women’s disc golf leagues based on state. Joining a women’s disc golf league is one way to put your toe in the water of disc golf. Also check out Facebook and ask locals to see if there is a women’s league near you. If there isn’t one, think about starting one or even just go to a mixed league night and enjoy yourself. The key is to get out there and find what you like.

Guess what? The PDGA has their own women’s committee as well! This site has information about running a women’s only event as well as a women’s disc golf league. There is also information about the Women’s Global Event where all women in the world will play two rounds of disc golf on May 12th, 2018. There is also information about women’s pro disc golfers. Watch the women play disc golf as well as get news and information on events.

One final place to visit is YouTube! Yes, YouTube! There are many podcasts as well as other videos offered to give insight in to disc golf. Disc manufacturers offer videos as well as other people on YouTube. Use that search feature and find the gold that it offers.

Finally, do not forget to check out your local disc golf shops as well as your local disc golf club. People around you are willing to help further women’s disc golf. Get out there, throw some discs, and have fun!

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