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Happy Birthday Cam! One of the best putters of all Time

Cam's 2001 season was one of the best seasons of all time. Cam placed in the top two in 17 events, he won worlds, the Wintertime Open, The Bob West (The Memorial), and 7 other events. He finished the year rated 1022. with a total of 23,628 in Prize money

Cam is known as one of the best putters in the world and along with Feldberg molded my putting more than any other player in the game. (I guess that only matters if you think I am a good putter)

Cam and wife Lesli will out on Tour this year selling art and playing well I am sure. If you run into them say hello and think about buying a print.

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If you started playing this sport within the last 15 years you may have never heard of Cam Todd. But if you want to become a better putter take the time to listen and watch what this legend has to say.

2001 pro worlds

Learn more about Cam and Lesli Todd here.

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