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The Five I Leaned On For The Treasure Valley Cup

All that where there know that the weather and the wind was a huge part of the story at the TVC. It was critical to trust your discs in the wind and keep them dry. Though out the day I found my self going back to these five disc.

2nd run C-line PD2

This disc is the most stable disc in my bag and I reached for it on hole 18 and 19 both rounds. I could throw it hard into the wind on 18 and trust that it would come out. getting 18 once and 19 both rounds this PD2 got me the most birdies on the day.

Avery Jenkins Star Destroyer (3 line)

Although I would normally throw a Thunderbird on hole 3 ( Regular 1) The stiff headwind had me throwing a Stable Destroyer smooth to make sure i didn't go OB left. It was a good adjustment as I averaged about 7 feet and went 2 for 2. I also got hole 9 once with it totaling 3 birds with this disc. Sharing the most birds title.

Metal Flake Roc 3

My most stable roc in my bag saw some throws. Most notably on hole 3 I threw it both rounds on hole 4 and went 2 for 2. On a side note I also aced hole 4 with this same disc warming up.

Discmania C-line FD

Although this disc officially did not card me any birdies it did get me within 100 feet right in the middle of hole 1 for an easy up and down for 3.

Innova Sexton Firebird

I think we all know this is one of the best disc made if you are unfamiliar with this disc it falls right in between an Eagle-x and a champion Firebird. I threw it both rounds on hole 12 never further than 12 fee going 2-2 on that hole.

Not counting the FD these four discs accounted for 10 of my 14 birdies. The others coming from:

ROC X3 getting me hole 10 both rounds.

Star destroyer getting me 1 on 11.

C-Line FD getting me hole 8 1 of 2 rounds.

But the most important disc and best disc ever made the

KC Pro Aviar.

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