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PDGA Slowly Eliminating Stroke And Distance

Finally, the PDGA is doing something about Tournament Directors using stroke and distance poorly. By basically eliminating it as an option in the course design for PDGA events.

3) Restricting a player’s OB options and the use of “Throw & Distance” Penalties · As per PDGA rules (804.04.D.3), in order for a TD to limit a player’s choice of the standard OB options (marked one meter from where last inbounds, the previous lie, and drop zone, if available) the TD must request a waiver from the PDGA Tour Manager. ·

Requiring players to re-throw from their previous lie after landing in a marked area, with or without a penalty, is thereby only allowed with a waiver from the PDGA Tour Manager. ·

Starting in 2016, any event requiring players to re-throw from their previous lie while also receiving a penalty throw (Throw & Distance) will only be sanctioned using the X designation added to the Tier level. ·

Any rounds played using Throw & Distance penalties will NOT receive PDGA ratings. TDs are encouraged to use less punitive ways to challenge players following standard PDGA rules.

Establishing a forward drop zone where players immediately have the option or are required to make their next throw after landing in a marked area is a more appropriate way to penalize players while also keeping players moving forward to benefit the speed of play. To discuss options, please contact the PDGA Tour Manager.

To break this down a little. You want to use re-tee as the only option be ready to be running an X- tier and not have the rounds not be rated.

Feel free to make holes difficult but don't create a hole that might make someone card a 20, or have no other options than to empty their bag, that is not golf that is a carnival game.

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