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How it Works:

  • The Handicap system will run from March 1st to September 31st. This is so your current handicap is not affected by playing in winter conditions.

  • Your Handicap will be will go live march 15th and then be updated on April 1st and then on the first of the month for the entire season ending with a final update on September 31st. For a total of 8 updates during the season.

  • These handicaps will allow you to play on an even playing field with disc golfers of all abilities. Having a handicap will bring a ton more fun to tag rounds.

  • After registering you will be given a Disc Golf Idaho player number which will allow you and only you to input your scores into the system.

  • You might ask how do we calculate your handicap.  Course par (63) - players average score (last 20 rounds)X .8 = your handicap index. Which will be a positive number if you average under par, and a negative number if you average over par. This is very similar to the USGA system.  So if player A handicap is 5.45 and player B handicap is - 2.65 then player A needs to give player B 8.0 strokes per round.

  • Scores outside of a 10 stroke variance from your current handicap will not be scored. (no giving up on rounds)



20.00 dollars for the whole season March-September  less than 3.00 an update.

Disc Golf Idaho needs a minimum of 25 players signed up by March 1st to go live if 25 players are not reached by then money will be refunded.

 Ann Morrison Disc Golf Course Handicap System.

Under Construction

Play with your head free and your heart full.

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